Pekalongan Batik

Great Pekalongan Batik Designs, Motifs, and Patterns

There are two main area in Pekalongan that produce batik: Kedungwuni (Kedoengwoeni) and Wiradesa. Old Pekalongan batik motif was influenced by Dutch, moslem, & chinese. Dutch influenced Pekalongan designs because Dutch have colonized Indonesia for over than 250 years. When Dutch colonizing Indonesia, there was a legend of batik maker in Pekalongan, she was Eliza van Zuylen.

As a batik city, Pekalongan is the place where batik strongly influenced by European/Dutch culture began its life. Resilient batik Belanda (Dutch) enterprises made their appearance here, followed by Chinese & Arab owned business likewise producing batik Belanda. Between 1840 & 1940, Pekalongan was the batik Belanda center.

As the others town, there is a china town in Kedungwuni. Chinese trader came with their culture & philosophies. In batik making, they used to use Chinese culture such us Hong bird, dragon, etc as motifs.

Sarong Van Zuylen
Batik Tiga Negeri
Eliza Womans Sarong
Obar Abir